Curing the Practice Problem- Part 2

In part I of the Practice Problem, Music Lesson Business Academy founder  Danny Thompson and Dave Simon discuss the number one reason kids drop out of music lessons. The conversation was based on the results of a controversial survey called “The Practice Problem”. The survey revealed that parents measure their child’s success in music with different criteria than all other enrichment activities. Whether it was sports, dance, or chess club;  parents measured success by their child’s level of happiness and personal growth. 

When it came to music they stated that practice was one of the key markers for success. Many of the parents described it as a “battle” they have with their child. I find it peculiar that parents would subject their children to an extracurricular activity that they hated as a child.

In Part II of this series, Danny and Dave map out a strategy to fix the practice problem. Our hope is that Danny and Dave’s combined efforts will provide music schools with an effective solution to improve student retention. The bleeding must stop! 


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